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Created by: Zachary Breaux

Useful Pathology Links

Pathology Professional Organizations

The American Board of Pathology

College of American Pathologists

American Society of Clinical Pathologists

The United States and Canadian Academy of Pathology

American Society for Investigative Pathology

Most Popular Educational Links



The Interactive Pathology Laboratory (IPLab)

Virtual Microscopy U. of Iowa.



The Pathology Guy (UMKC)

Pathology Net

University of Pittsburgh



Surgical pathology

Atlas of liver pathology

Review of pathology of the liver

Gleason’s grading of prostate needle biopsies


Pathology of the kidney: glomerulonephritis

GI Pathology Course Notes (Cornell)GI Pathology (Tulane)

Gross GI and Liver Pathology (Tulane)

PERLjam GI Images-1 (Indiana U)

PERLjam GI Images-2 (Indiana U)

Lipomatous Tumors of Soft Tissue (N Somerhausen/Institut Jules Bordet)

Muscle, Bone & Soft Tissue Tumors (Frontiers in Bioscience)

Myxoid Tumors of Soft Tissue (N Somerhausen/Institut Jules Bordet

PERLjam Bone & Soft Tissue Pathology Images (Indiana U)

Progress in the Systemic Treatment of Advanced Soft-Tissue Sarcomas (SH Okuno and JH Edmonson)

The role of immunohistochemistry in the diagnosis of primary tumors of the bone (CA Muro-Cacho, MD PhD)

The role of immunohistochemistry in the differential diagnosis of soft-tissue tumors (CA Muro-Cacho, MD PhD) (Washington Cancer Institute, Washington DC)

Gynecologic pathology manual short atlas of intraocular tumors

Ophthalmologic pathology

Oral pathology image database

Orthopedic pathology cases

Lung tumors

Image review in pulmonary pathology

Breast Disease (Ed Friedlander, MD)

Breast lesions that mimic carcinoma (AFIP)

Breast Cytopathology (Edinburgh University)

Gross Breast Pathology (Tulane)

Metastases to the Breast (U Iowa)

PERLjam OB/Gyn Pathology Images (Indiana U)


Virtual Autopsy

Autopsy Diagrams (AFIP)

Interactive Images of Disease

Routine Autopsy

Gross Images (U New South Wales, Australia)

Gross Pathology Tutorial (Tulane)

PERLjam Gross Pathology Images (Indiana U)

The Autopsy Lexicon by RL Hanzlick

Internet Autopsy Database (Johns Hopkins)

Internet Autopsy Database Image Links (Johns Hopkins - 5000 images!)

The Routine Autopsy (Ed Uthman, MD)

The Virtual Autopsy 2 (Leicester, UK)

Autopsy Diagrams (AFIP)

Guidelines for autopsy of a CJD patient (U of Antwerp)

Practice Guidelines for Autopsy Pathology, Autopsy Procedures for Brain, Spinal Cord, and Neuromuscular System (JM Powers and the Autopsy Committee of the CAP)



Cytopathology Images

Cervical Dysplasia Tutorial


Austrailian Society of Cytology

Lung Cytopathology

U-T Cytopathology




Dermatology Online Atlas

Dermatopathology Course Notes


Dermoscopy of pigmented skin lesions pt 1 (European J of Dermatology)

Dermoscopy of pigmented skin lesions pt 2 (European J of Dermatology)

Electronic Textbook of Dermatology (UC Davis)

Fundamentals of Dermoscopy (

Handbook of Dermatology and Venereology

Healthweb Dermatology Page (Indiana University)

Hebra Atlas (Historical Dermatological Image Database)

Introduction to Dermatology (Student Course, UC Davis)

Melanoma Atlas (

Mohs Micrographic Surgery (Loyola)

The Mole Hill (U Florida)

Pediatric Dermatological Image Database

Skinema (Skin in the Cinema - Vail Reese, MD)

Skin Tumor Album (

Vetcutis (Veterinary Dermatology)

Forensic Pathology

Forensic Anthropology

Firearms and Drug Abuse Tutorials

Forensic Entomology

Death Investigation Systems in the US and Canada (CDC)

DNA Forensics (Human Genome Project)

FBI Handbook of Forensic Services

Federal Bureau of Investigation Crime Laboratory

Firearms Tutorial (Webpath)

Forensic Anthropology Site

Forensic Entomology

Forensic Entomology (numerous links!)

Forensic Medicine for Medical Students (UK)

Forensic Pathology Index (Webpath)

Forensic Science Web Page (Professor Steve Gilbert) (Forensic Science Portal)

General Forensic Links

How to write a Cause of Death statement



CNS pathology index

Introduction to neuropathology

Neuroanatomy and neuropathology on the internet

The neuropathology of CJD

The human brain

Neuroanatomy study slides

The whole brain atlas

Neuropathology (WebPath)

Neuropathology and Neurology (Images, Cases, and Questions for Study, Tulane)

Neuropathology Case Studies (SUNY UMU Syracuse)

Neuropathology Course Notes (Cornell)

Neuropathology Image Review (SUNY UMU Syracuse)

Neuropathology Lectures in PowerPoint (U Stellenbosch, S. Africa)

Neurosciences on the Internet (Neuroguide search engine)

Online neuropathology atlas

PERLjam Neuropathology Images (Indiana U)

Pediatric pathology


Table of common genetic disorders

Pediatric pathology images

Cardiovascular embryology

The visible embryo

Online mendelian inheritance in man (OMIM)

Placental pathology index

Pediatric pathology index





Atlas of Hematology

Hematopathology Case Studies


Introduction to Blood Morphology

Atlas of Hematology

Atlas of Acute Leukemia

HealthWeb Hematology

Hemic and Lymphatic

Hematology Case Studies with a Virtual Microscope

Imaging in Hematology

T-cell prolymphocytic leukemia

large granular lymphocyte leukemia

Laboratory Testing in the Rheumatic Diseases


Blood Smear Cases

Anemia and leukocyte disorder cases

CD antigens

Basic blood smear morphology

Heme cases

Heme images with explanation

Hematology images with explanatory text

Hematology tutorial and cases

Hematopathologic phenotypes made mockingly simple

Hematopathology tutorial

Hemolytic anemias


Thomas DeLoughery’s Famous Handouts


Introduction to clinical microbiology

All the virology on the WWW

Introduction to medical virology

Parasites on the web

Atlas of parasitology

Malaria: an online resource

Hepatitis A to E

Infection index

Infectious diseases of the CNS

The grapes of staph

The microbial underground

Microbiology public health

Medical mycology

Morbidity and mortality weekly report

Chemistry/Lab Management

Analytic Instruments and Spectroscopic Concepts

Interpretation of Lab Test Profiles

Endocrine Pathology Case Studies

Examination of Urine Sediment

Transfusion medicine

The American Red Cross

The American Association of Blood Banking

Facts about blood and blood banking

Molecular methods for tissue typing

Blood banking education

Case Studies in Transfusion Medicine (SUNY UMU Syracuse)

Hemotherapy Case Studies (SUNY UMU Syracuse)

Human Blood

Transfusion Medicine Tutorial (Webpath)

The History of Blood Transfusion Medicine

The History of Blood Banking

All about Blood

The blood bank guy

Exposure to Blood or Body Fluids (U Calgary)

Hepatitis A to E (CDC)

HIV, HTLV and Hepatitis Test Kits



Cytogenetics Gallery


Chromosomal Abnormalities

Ethical, Legal and Social Issues in Genomic Research

European Bioinformatics Institute (EBI)

GenBank (Publicly Available DNA Sequence Info)

Genetics and Molecular Biology (U Rochester)

Genetics Resources (U of Alberta)

Genome Data Base

Glossary of Genetic Terms (National Human Genome Research Inst)

Hardin Meta Directory for Allergy and Immunology

Human Genetics Problem Set (U Arizona)

Human Genome Guide - Click and view chromosomes (NCBI)

Human Genome Project Information

Immunologic Diseases (Karolinska Institute)

Immunology by Janis (Textbook adjunct)

Immunopathology Course Notes (Cornell)

Map of the Human Genome (NIH)

Medix: Molecular Biology Techniques (U Cape Town)



MHMH Flowcytometry Laboratory Case Presentation

Introduction to flow Cytometry

Atlas of Flow Cytometry in AML Leukemia Library

Hematopathologic Phenotypes Made Mockingly Simple- A remedy for CDphobia

Flow Cytometry Powerpoint Slides




Electronic Statistics Textbook

Experimental Design

Introductory Statistics

Hypothesis Testing

The American Statistical Association Section on Bayesian Statistical Sciences (SBSS)

Calculators On-line center (Martindale)


Statistical Calculators (UCLA)

Statistics and plotting programs (St. John's University) (Web Pages that Perform Statistical Calculations!)



Advancing pathology informatics, imaging, and the internet conference site

Basic Information about the Internet (InterNIC 15 minute series)

Bioinformatics at the NIH (grant info, etc)

Center for Telemedicine (AFIP)

Digital Imaging In Pathology

Digital Imaging Links (U Arizona)

Glossary of Internet Terms

Handbook of Medical Informatics

Introduction to Medical Informatics (On-line lecture notes - Columbia)

Manchester Medical Informatics Group

Medical Informatics at Stanford

National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI)

NIH Image (Free public domain image manipulation software)

The Pathology Informatics Exchange (PIX)

PERL Tutorial for Pathologists and Laboratory Scientists (J Berman NIH/NCI)

Telemedicine Information Exchange

Telemedicine Newsgroup (Google)

University of Florida Office of Medical Informatics

Voice Recognition for Pathology




Atlas of Histology from the University of Illinois

Vanderbilt Histology lessons




Histotechnology technical methods


Electron microscopy gallery

Microscopy and imaging


Pathology Images

Online atlas


Keyword index

Johns Hopkins Autopsy Resource Image Archive


Urbana atlas of pathology

Miscellaneous case studies

Interactive case study companion to Robbins

Pathology 200

California tumor tissue registry

U. Pittsburgh’s case studies

Pathology cases for diagnosis



Digital Slice of Life

Online Muscle Atlas

Illustrated Encyclopedia of Human Anatomic Variation